Fargo Churches: Then and Now

This slideshow features historic photographs of several of the churches of Fargo, accompanied by recent photographs, which allow for side-by-side comparison. The recent photographs were taken by Scott Becklund in 2012. Mr. Becklund attempted to recreate the original location and angle of the archival photographs. Most of the churches retain some of their original character, while some have been demolished. 1. Elim Lu
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Feminism in Fargo

The following slideshow is a summary of Ellen Cooley’s views on early Fargo. https://fargohistory.com/images/feminisminfargo.m4v Special thanks to Robert Kurtz for narrating the slideshow. Pictures taken from the North Dakota State University Archives and from digitalhorizonsonline.org -Brenna Adams, 2012 Digital History
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Fargo Fire Images and Music

In 1893, Fargo was struck by a devastating fire. Here is a brief description of the events of the fire, combined with indelible images from the event itself. -Chad Halvorson, Digital History 2012  
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