First and Second Session Laws Establishing NDAC

Scanned pages of the laws establishing the North Dakota Agricultural College. 1st Session Laws, 1890 North Dakota Legislative Assembly. 2nd Session Laws, 1891 North Dakota Legislative Assembly. -Rebecca Paton, Digital History 2012  
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Horace E. Stockbridge

Horace Stockbridge was the first, and youngest, president of North Dakota Agriculture College, which later became North Dakota State University[1]. He was born in Hadley, Massachusetts on May 15, 1857[2]. He attended Massachusetts Agricultural College, where he received his degree in 1878[3]. He had a strong background in agriculture, which was probably why he was picked to be the president. Prior to his acceptance o
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Education in Fargo, North Dakota, 1870-1900

The education system in Fargo in the early stages of the city’s development was heavily rooted in, and influenced, by religion. There were educational centers as early as there were churches. In fact, many churches started schools so they could develop their children’s minds in the way they wanted them to be; so the curriculums were filled with references to the Bible and God. The people of Fargo, N.D., w
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The number of school children that were in the school district of Fargo in the year 1882-1883 is as follows: High School 25, (12 boys and 13 girls) Intermediate, 106 (62 boys and 59 girls) Primary 246 (133 boys and 123 girls)[1]. There were a surprising number of tardies and people who dropped out, for various reasons like: sickness, death, they were wanted on the farm, or they just could not handle the course load f
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Central High School

In 1874, a School Mill was passed to establish a school district in Fargo, North Dakota. In May of that year, Miss Gillings was hired to teach the children for $45 per month. In 1875, the first school house was purchased for the use of the school, and there were 105 school age children in Fargo, according to the Census records. In 1883, a combination grade and high school building was constructed, which was Central h
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NDAC 1870-1905

Click on the following link to open a powerpoint of the North Dakota Agriculture College
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Letter serving notice of Stern’s appointment as trustee of the North Dakota Agricultural College

This is a copy of the letter that the Secretary of State for North Dakota sent to Alex Stern confirming him as a trustee for the North Dakota Agricultural College.  This was scanned from records held in the NDSU archives and the information can be found here.   Heather Brinkman, Digital History 2012
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North Dakota Agriculture College (NDAC)

North Dakota Agriculture College (NDAC) was established in 1890, by a law that allowed for an agriculture college to be formed in Fargo, North Dakota . This was part of the United States government’s effort to create colleges for the study of agriculture and the sciences. The following appeared in the Daily Argus on May 2, 1890: “At the meeting of the Fargo Agricultural College board yesterday afternoon t
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