Kopelman Agreement

This is a copy of the agreement between Lena Kopelman and the Fargo Hebrew Congregation.  It was scanned from page 174 of “And Prairie Dogs Weren’t Kosher” by Linda Mack Schloff.  
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Fargo’s Hebrew Ladies Aid Society

The Hebrew Ladies Aid Society was founded on August 13, 1904.[1]  It was created in order to help the people of the Jewish community and fulfill the responsibility to the Jewish community.  They helped the community by financing the community businesses, educate the children, and perform other acts of civil service.  Below is Linda Mack Schloff’s recount of their purpose. Rochele Gela Mann recalled the efforts
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Jewish Immigrants to Fargo North Dakota

The first Jewish immigrants into Fargo were part of the middle and upper classes of Germany.  They were formally educated.  The main reason for immigrating to the United States was to escape persecution and violent attacks that their homelands ignored and in some cases encouraged.  After the town started to solidify, many unsuccessful farmers from North Dakota and Minnesota sought refuge in Fargo.  In addition to the
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