News Release for the Uncovering Vice Exhibit

April 10, 2017 For Immediate Release Uncovering Vice in Fargo/Moorhead, 1871-1920—An exhibit about a 19th-century madam and the legal and cultural context of vice in Fargo/Moorhead between 1871 and 1920. FARGO— Uncovering Vice in Fargo/Moorhead, 1871-1920, an exhibit that opens at 7 p.m., Monday, May 8, at Bonanzville in West Fargo, looks at vice in these two Red River Valley towns through the story of a central char
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Early Fargo and Alcohol

During the 19th century, the battle over alcoholic beverages was fierce in the United States, and the young community of Fargo was not immune to this social issue. On February 17, 1871, a U.S. Army regiment that had been dispatched from Fort Abercrombie disbanded “Fargo in the Timber,” a collection of shanties and huts that constituted the less affluent section of town. The charges levied against the depo
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“The Checkered Years”: A Diary by Mary Dodge Woodward

Historically, women in the West were portrayed in a stereotypical manner: they were either the unwilling followers of husbands who were seeking wealth and adventure, or the rebellious Annie Oakley types or brothel operators. The reality of women’s lives in the West is entirely different. Mary Dodge Woodward helped her son manage her cousin’s farm by maintaining the household. She cooked for up to 30 peopl
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