Ellen Cooley

Feminism in Fargo

The following slideshow is a summary of Ellen Cooley’s views on early Fargo. https://fargohistory.com/images/feminisminfargo.m4v Special thanks to Robert Kurtz for narrating the slideshow. Pictures taken from the North Dakota State University Archives and from digitalhorizonsonline.org -Brenna Adams, 2012 Digital History
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The “Boom” Through The Eyes Of Cooley

“The Land of Milk and Honey” Fargo is a city in southeastern North Dakota, along the Red River which creates a natural border between North Dakota and neighboring Minnesota. It is currently the largest city in North Dakota, both in population and in area. Its twin city is Moorhead, Minnesota, which is just on the other side of the Red River. It is located in a major post glacial terrain feature called the Red River V
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“The Checkered Years”: A Diary by Mary Dodge Woodward

Historically, women in the West were portrayed in a stereotypical manner: they were either the unwilling followers of husbands who were seeking wealth and adventure, or the rebellious Annie Oakley types or brothel operators. The reality of women’s lives in the West is entirely different. Mary Dodge Woodward helped her son manage her cousin’s farm by maintaining the household. She cooked for up to 30 peopl
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