Alanson W. Edwards

Large man in center is Alanson W. Edwards, owner of the Daily Argus. [North Dakota State University Archives, Digital ID: rs005368]

Alanson William Edwards  moved from Illinois to Fargo in 1878 to establish The Republican, a new newspaper. During his early years in Fargo, he managed The Republican, but then sold it and used the proceeds to launch The Argus.  In 1891, after losing The Argus to James J Hill, Edwards launched The Forum.[1]   Although Edwards was not necessarily a reformer, the opinions expressed in both the Argus and The Forum promoted the common conceptions of good moral and social conduct.  In his promotion of these values, he was able to help shape the moral and social progression of Fargo.

[1] Edwards, Alanson W., and Marie Edwards Belknap. 1900. Family collection.  NDSU Institute for Regional Studies.


  1. LInda Waters Reply

    Hi Scott:

    I am the great great grand daughter of Alanson W. Edwards and really enjoyed your article and picture of my ancestor. Quite a guy my great great grandfather was!

    Linda – My mother is 90 – his great grand daugher

    • Danielle Reply

      Hi Linda! I know this comment is a few years old, but I’m doing research on the Alanson Edwards family and would love to chat with you. Could you contact me at danielle.teigen@yahoo.com? Thanks,

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