The Fargo Times Newspaper

Office of the Fargo Times, 1876

Fall (October) view showing the Fargo Times newspaper building, a two-story unpainted wood building with large windows in front and large sign above windows with “Fargo Times, ” location in Fargo unknown, but building similar to one located in the 600 block of N.P. Avenue; E.B. Chambers, editor, may be standing in the doorway as are a woman and youth. [North Dakota State University Archives, Digital ID: rs000966]

The Fargo Times preceded the Fargo Forum and Republican. The Fargo Times’ building was a wood structure with multiple single-pane front windows that allowed sunlight into the press room. The gable roof stood out in contrast among the increasing number of flat-top and flat-faced business edifices in the area. The unpainted building had a large sign above its windows, allowing editor E.B. Chambers to signal a desire for his establishment to stand out and make a vertical mark on the vast and open prairie.

-Stacy M. Reikowsky, Digital History 2012

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