The number of school children that were in the school district of Fargo in the year 1882-1883 is as follows:

High School 25, (12 boys and 13 girls)
Intermediate, 106 (62 boys and 59 girls)
Primary 246 (133 boys and 123 girls)[1].

There were a surprising number of tardies and people who dropped out, for various reasons like: sickness, death, they were wanted on the farm, or they just could not handle the course load for the year[2]. For High School; there were 145 tardies, 29 dropouts, and a 100% daily attendance rate, Intermediate; 324 tardies, 141 dropouts and a 93% daily attendance rate, and for Primary; 584 tardies, 233 dropouts and a 98% daily attendance rate[3].

-Rebecca Paton, Digital History 2012

[1] NDSU Archives, Fargo (N.D.) Public Schools Records1874-1980.

[2] Ibid.

[3] Ibid.

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