cass county


1875–1876; George Egbert 1876–1877; Evan S. Tyler 1877–1880; George Egbert 1880–1882; Jasper B. Chapin 1882–1883; William A. Kindred 1883–1885; Woodford A. Yerxa 1885–1886; John A. Johnson 1886–1887; Charles Scott 1887–1888; Alanson W. Edwards 1888–1890; Seth Newman 1890–1892; Wilbur F. Ball 1892–1894; Emerson H. Smith 1894–1896; Wilbur F. Ball 1896–1902; John A. Johnson 1902–1904; William D. Sweet The NDSU Archives
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Jasper B. Chapin

A very important figure in Fargo’s history is Mr. Jasper J. Chapin, who some call the “Father of Fargo”.  Chapin was born in a New York, where he worked on a farm in his town after he finished schooling.  In 1852 he left New York and headed out west to strike it rich in a mining town in California. He stayed in California for two and a half years, then moved back to New York. Unable to handle the quiet life of the fa
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Mary Dodge Woodward

Mary Dodge Woodward is a woman who lived and worked on a bonanza farm in Cass County from 1884-1888. Bonanza farms cropped up largely in the Dakota territory after the Northern Pacific Railroad sold huge acreages of land to their investors for extremely low prices to cover their debts. These farms covered thousands of acres and produced a large number of wheat crops. The land owners hired managers to run the farms, a
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Cass County Courthouse

  Although the Northern Pacific Railroad maintained a heavy industrial, political, and economic handle on Fargo’s early development, governmental entities were necessary for conducting official territorial business. This included the purchase or transfer of land or homestead claims as dictated by the Land Ordinance and Homestead Act as well as the establishment of commercial businesses in Fargo.  The first Cass
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